Voice of Global Women’s Membership provides specific benefits and opportunities geared towards women’s empowerment, networking, and personal development.

Annual Membership Fee: **AED 15,000 (+VAT)

  • Access to Conferences and Meetings throughout the year for free.
  • Access to exclusive members-only events
  • Introduction as a new member in members’ meetings & conferences on the podium
  • A certificate of membership shall be distributed on the stage of the conference. 
  • Bulk blast electronic mailing list of 0.5 Million for introduction 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounted sponsorship opportunities 
  • Opportunities to meet VVIPs, diplomates, millionaires, and billionaires
  • Purchase of a speaking slot with a discount available packages.
  • Prominency in News coverage and Press release

Other benefits include discounted services for business consulting

Complete Guidance on:

  • Company registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Business consultations on various business aspects
  • Business Planning & forecast
  • Implementation of Accounting Software
  • Tax Advisory
  • Marketing Support
  • Web development
  • Any other support Free advised
  • Digital Marketing


Additional benefits:

  • Discounts on Berkeley Cleaning Services
  • Discounts on Berkeley Maid Supply Services
  • Discounts on Berkeley Laundry Services
  • Discounts on Berkeley Interior designing services
  • Discounts on Berkeley Furniture
  • Discounts on Berkeley Maintenance Services
  • Discounts on Berkeley Fashion Products
  • Discounts on Berkeley Food Products

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“Voice of Global Women”

“Let’s Build Women Together”


What You Need to Know About Us

Berkeleyme & MS Global Women Foundation aims at bringing change in women development. We are striving to create projects which will generate job opportunities for women, great access to health opportunities, and most important is education at the doorstep.

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