A Seminar on Youth & Women Entrepreneurship

Lets Build women & youth for future leadership

Youth is the backbone of the economy and a right direction is very important to set up. We have a vision to transform youth into entrepreneurship
Today, youth represent the largest demographic in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with nearly 50 percent of the UAE population being between the ages of 15 and 35. This is the largest number of young people to transition to adulthood in the country’s history.

A key consideration for Investing in youth and creating the right conditions to help them realize their full potential is essential to future-proof the economy. While the last 50 years of the UAE was built by natural resources and oil, the next 50 will be built by the most important part of its human capital, its youth.

Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women is playing its role effectively to train and inspire Youth and women to be an entrepreneur. For that we are offering full training with all necessary support.

Learning Outcome

  • Advice and inspiration from women entrepreneurs for building successful technology startups.
  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs who have built various startups.
  • Advice and inspiration from women entrepreneurs for building successful technology startups.
  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs who have built various startups.
  • To become recognized as an effective leader within your business.
  • To develop the strategies & skills needed to lead effectively in this modern era.
  • Make a passive income with their Amazon FBA business.
  • Work from home as an entrepreneur.
  • Analyze a product and product category on Amazon in minutes and decide what to sell on Amazon.
  • Source products from around the world.
  • Negotiate the best price for various manufactured goods.
  • Minimally be able to find a product that will sell 10 units or net profit $100/day.
  • How to sell on Amazon and earn a second income.


(One day training)

Amazon FBA Private Label Training

2 hours



Strategic Amazon Planning

Company Set-up

Register an Amazon account & your domain

How to Hunt Product for FBA PL Business?

How to Analyze Product?

How to do competitors analysis?

How to Source your product?

How to finalize your manufacturer?

How to ship Products to your target country?

Amazon FBA Wholesale Training

2 hours



Brand Hunting

Brand Contact Details

Brands Contacting Process

How to select Product for WS Business?

Shipment Plan Creation

Sending inventory to amazon warehouse

Managing Amazon Account


Dr. Musa Shaikh

  • Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
  • President – Berkeleyme Holding
  • Royal Family Investment Advisor

Dr. Musa Shaikh is a Policy Advisor & Investment banker, a personal advisor, presently heading Berkeley Middle East holding as a Group CEO. His career spans over 20 years which is an excellent blend of strategist, financial & business advisor in different parts of the world including United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates. His core expertise to perceive an idea to develop project till execution and making it successful venture at last. He is the master mind of conceiving the idea of registering, handling legal framework and hiring of best mind all over the world and making it successful with the help of team by delivering best Return of Investment (ROI) to shareholders.

Khulood Shaban

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Berkeley Middle East Holding

Khulood is a philanthropist, a business leader, successful business entrepreneur, and the most influence Arabic women in Gulf region. She is the CEO of Berkeley Middle East holding an American Emirati Joint venture conglomerate with a diversified portfolio. Khulood’s career is diversified over several roles including CEO, Director Finance, Financial Controller, & Chief Financial Officer based on decade of experience. Khulood’s core expertise to manage financial transactions for the whole group and in ongoing projects, arises through Merger or acquisitions, study the fundamental and technical feasibility, evaluate the investment risks by applying high level financial management tools for stakeholders keeping ERP, budgeting, variance reporting aligns with financial strategy of the shareholders. Her strengths are innovative & creativity toward a particular business venture, preparation of business plan, coordination with external auditors, lenders, regulatory authorities, compliances, meeting with investors for arranging of funds, building a capital structuring simple and complex, IPO’s securities, active management, & financial decision making.

Salma Al Qubaisi

  • President Al Qubaisi Holding Abu Dhabi
  • Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women President- Abu Dhabi
  • Board Member- The Investors Club
  • IT Planning & Strategy at ADNOC Logistics & Service

Salma Al Qubaisi born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is an Emirati Technology women leader, serving the largest government organization in the oil & gas sector “ADNOC”. She is an innovative and inspiring personality in the field of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. She is instrumental in delivering value to IT professionals with her creative thoughts and leadership skills. Salma Al Qubaisi is a keen investor in Tech Projects, whether it’s a pre-seed, seed, Stage A, or B venture. She is an expert in Tech acquisition including projects based on SaaS, Consumer-based websites, E-Commerce, and Platforms of various types. She is having leadership skills, Project Management, Budget Planning and Control, Team Development, Business Plan development, Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning, Strategic Acquisition, and Negotiation.

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