"Great entrepreneur opportunity!"

Berkeleyme’s voice of global women is expanding in all the Emirates and as a starting point we are looking for President for each chapter. It is a great entrepreneur opportunity, where a UAE national will be having knowledge and skill transfer by owning a company associated with Berkeley as a recognized center which will conduct women’s events to promote women’s entrepreneurship and women’s training to develop and equip their skills.

We are pleased to invite you as a President of Your Emirate where you live.

What is required from President (She) and her Centre?

Following are general expectations from the president:
• Adding value to the organization with innovation, creativity and leadership
• Bringing strategic thought to her contribution
• Suggest in the best interests of the organization
• Willing to offer the benefit of her skills, knowledge, experience and contacts
• Participating fully in board discussions at least 1 times a year.
• Demonstrating an appropriate interest by leading from front and creating a competitive edge for the organization.

President will conduct 2 events in a year, in her Emirate, with at least 100-150 women to promote women’s development with the support of the Berkeley Head office (event team). Berkeley sample events are listed on

She will be offering training to women for various courses offered by Berkeley through their faculty. Berkeley courses are listed on

What you will get to be a President?

Berkeley will be promoting the President and her initiatives to the Global world and shall develop her as a global business women and she will be part of a global women’s community.

She can nominate herself for Berkeley Women Excellence Awards.

She will be getting high level of networking, recognition on podium and VVIP treatment as management.

How long a President duration will stand valid?

It will be for one year and shall be renewed upon successful delivery of the agreed objective.

Registration Form:

If you would like to be a president-chapter, fill the following information, you will be contacted for further details.

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What You Need to Know About Us

Berkeleyme & MS Global Women Foundation aims at bringing change in women development. We are striving to create projects which will generate job opportunities for women, great access to health opportunities, and most important is education at the doorstep.

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